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What you are purchasing here is a 50 piece bundle of pro-sports and college t-shirts, that you will select via video (handpick).

How it works –

1. Select the category or categories you would like to purchase, and make payment (only via credit/debit card and Paypal)

2. Within 3-6 days, you will receive an email with a link to a Dropbox folder that contains a video of the items. We recommend downloading the Dropbox app on your smartphone. Please be patient while we arrange this video for you.

3. The video will contain minimum 80 items. Screen shot the 50 items you would like to purchase, and upload these images to the Dropbox folder ‘Selected Items’.

4. We aim to ship you order out within a few days of receiving your selection. Due to the way in which we and our partners arrange shipping, we can only provide tracking once the shipment has arrived in Australia. shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks. We kindly request your patience. While waiting for your shipment to arrive – head on over to ORP and start watching the 20+ videos to help you get started, increase sales and decrease costs!

5. Your order arrives to you – start uploading all those vintage pieces to your website/Depop/IG etc and see the money roll in!

Some things to note –

  • The photos you see above are SAMPLE photos – you will receive a similar variety (color and styles) via video to select from.

  • You can expect NFL, NBA, NHL, Nascar (or racing themed), minor league, college and college related items; and the odd piece from a European sports team/college in the video you will receive

  • These t-shirts are not ALL necessarily vintage – they are also graded for content and not necessarily always age. You can expect some newer items to be included in the videos you receive.

  • You may also receive in your video, the odd tank top or long-sleeve t-shirt – but no need to worry – these sell very well.

  • You may also receive in your video, the odd ‘non-related sports/college item’ – such as a souvenir piece, Disney or branded – once again – no need to worry, as these also sell very well!

  • Most of these items will be considered male or ‘uni’sex’

  • We consider these items to be A grade stock, with the odd B grade item included. They do not come washed.

  • We recommend viewing sample videos and other info here

  • We also recommend joining our exclusive FB group – we post offers, shipping updates, FAQ, and other items on their – join here

  • We don’t except refunds or exchange for change of mind on wholesale orders

You can expect to re-sell these from anywhere between $30 all the way up to $100 +! In most cases, you should be able to double your money – it all depends on how well you market these items.

Questions? Send us a message on Instagram, Facebook or via email at amerivintageco@outlook.com